The world can use more cheerLEADERS. People who are optimistic. Who see the possibilities, go for them and win for the team. The world can use more cheerLEADERS, boldly and collaboratively leading the way and encouraging others, always asking, “How can I make a difference?”

In a world where TEAMWORK and COLLABORATION are essential for success, Cheerleading instills those necessary values.  World Elite is about having fun, and teaching the life skills that can give your child an edge in life, an edge in the world.  

Achievement in the gym, at competitions and in life! That’s World Elite. We don’t just teach the fundamental to elite skills of cheerleading but also the fundamental to elite skills of life. At World Elite, we aim to elevate kids and give them and edge in life!  Check out our info below to learn more about the World Elite Way.


The secret formula is:

Positivity, Belief, Discipline, Community and Drive.

These are the values we teach at World Elite. Not in a classroom, but in the gym where young people face their fears and conquer them. Where kids decide their dreams and do whatever it takes to make them come true. Where our coaches and leaders guide, train, encourage, counsel and shape tomorrow’s leaders.

World Elite has a spot for everyone’s skill level, performance level and comfort level. Then we take them beyond in a caring way that builds confidence and helps children know they are valued in the group, on the team. Nothing replaces that kind of social belonging.