WE have only just begun…Post-season wrap up!

Everything in life worth earning is a PROCESS – this is especially true with kids.  We have to be patient, steadfast, supportive, clearly communicate our expectations, give the tools to reach them, nudge in the right direction when they go off course, celebrate the moments of success, and motivate through the moments of struggle.  The […]

How to make my school cheer squad!

You’ve been staring at them since your parents made you go to your first and numerous following, Friday nights at the High School Football game.  You learned the words.  You moved in your seat to the created rhythm.  You screamed as loud as you ever have for a t-shirt from them.  You chanted De-Fense with […]

Building our future one Cheerub at a time!

To say these little ones are irresistibly adorable is an understatement. Our 2 & 3 year old exhibition team Cheerubs began back in 2011, basically as a small class that involved motor skills, and a fun introduction to cheerleading. We had about 5-7 kids when we started. I had always taught older athletes, mostly at the […]

WOW! The magic has begun!

WOW, what an amazing first year at World Elite!  This past weekend marked the end of the regular season in our INAUGURAL year at World Elite.  It has been filled with emotion, hard work, passion, success, ups, downs, TONS of hit routines, and above all a constant movement forward.  We have a hardworking and passionate […]