The World Elite All-Star Booster Club (WEBC) is a group of parents who are big fans of both their kids and the sport of competitive cheer and gymnastics.

WEABC does many things: we sponsor fundraising events to allow for more athletes to participate in the sport of competitive cheer and gymnastics. We hold monthly meetings to ensure good communications throughout the gym for parents and owners. We sponsor many gym activities; we promote charitable work for our cheerleaders and gymnasts; we have FUN and perhaps most importantly, we help provide an environment for the athletes to become leaders. WEABC is the visible entity for our parents’ spirit and sportsmanship – and that is promoted in many ways through activities throughout the year.

WEABC provides assistance to the athletes and gym locations throughout the year including; meeting rooms at various competitions, banquet sponsorship, donations to charity, senior college scholarships, and supporting activities such as insurance for our fundraising activities, taxes and audit fees and the business of running a support function for the families of World Elite All-Stars. These expenditures are detailed in monthly treasurer reports that are covered in our monthly meetings

Pay your dues, and attend booster club meetings to learn of the exciting fundraising opportunities.

WEBC not only supports our athletes and helps make our sports more affordable through fundraising opportunities. WEBC also offers college bound seniors scholarships towards their expenses

Ongoing and Upcoming Fundraisers

Board Members

Cindy Howard


Lisa Englehart

Vice President

Kristy Whittaker


Siobhon Myers


Upcoming Meeting Dates