Placement Evaluations begin May 14th! 

See the many ways below to make sure your athlete is prepared to shine!

Spring Cleaning Skill Series

These are designed to HYPER FOCUS on mastering or perfecting a skill, or skills, you are already independent on.  Please see our “Zero to Hero” video to better understand Independence, Mastery, and Perfection.  Cost will be $20 with a discount when you sign up for multiple.

Requirements – none (will be broken into independent and non-independent walkover groups)

Requirements – Standing Handspring

Flips (Tucks, Layouts and Twists)
Requirements – Running back tuck, or layout, or twisting skills (will be broken into tuck, layout and twist groups)

Placement Prep Clinics

A clinic to give you an EDGE on our All Star placement process! Learn and be coached on the evaluation dance, work your tumbling skills that will be evaluated, and work with coaches from BOTH Tallmadge and Brecksville facilities! Athletes will be broken into age and skill level groups.  $40 per camp, we recommend you attend both!


Our on-going Tumbling, Flyer, and Jump/Flex classes are a great way to continue working individual skills in preparation for placements!