What brought you to the decision to start a new company?

Simply; to provide an elevated product for kids and families in the Northeast Ohio marketplace.  There is an advantage in bringing our 24-year combined ownership experience, along with 30+ staff, together for the intention of making every child feel special, the family experience more intimate, and cultivating a fresh look for the future.  It’s not about survival, it’s about thriving in an industry that is ever changing!  It’s going to be exciting to watch us grow and build it together; owners, staff, kids, families & communities.

How will the merger impact and change each location?

WE are changing our name.  WE are changing our colors.  WE are changing the game.  We are not doing this to change who we are.  We know who we are! The objective is to take the elements of American Elite & Cheer World that families, employees & the community believe in and love about our organizations and bring them to the forefront and innovate on the strong foundations that have been built over the last 12 years…

How are WE stronger?

– The numbers alone make us stronger; staff & team members. The ability to create the most competitive leveled teams due to increased choice of team members.  “Quality vs. Quantity” philosophy.  Numbers; number of teams, number of coaches, number of kids – these things carry weight in our industry.  Numbers allow you to create more teams to appropriately place every athlete to create the most competitive teams possible.

– Broader experience in coaches

– Specialists in each of the score sheet areas; these coaches will take ownership of the area & be responsible for maxed out success with technique, skill, and creativity.

– Capitalize on a broader pool of relationships within the industry. Each company brings a set of industry connections.

– “Leadership Academy”:   A partnership with The University of Notre Dame, Mendoza College of Business, has been established to create our Leadership Academy for WE athletes.  The project details will be complete in April 2017 and presented to World Elite for implementation.  One outcome we desire from this program would be that WE athletes could utilize this certification on college applications.

– Parent Education Track

– Customer Experience team; this to ensure satisfaction for both families & kids

– Online chat which allows you to get your answers sooner

– Customer service available 9 am – 9pm Monday – Friday

How will this affect my child?

Our focus is to ensure continued progress for each child we are entrusted to train.  We have set high expectations toward the standard of level placement & post-season attainment.  Our aim is to solidify our place as the dominant player in our market!  To be the new leader in the regime that puts the Midwest on the map for all-star cheerleading.  We have interviewed IMPACT coaches, booked the most creative choreographers, slotted music producers, are working on our SHINING uniform prototype, and are looking forward to educating you on our coaching philosophies.  Our Customer Experience Team will ensure that each child & their family receives the personal attention they should expect and deserve.

How will this change in ownership impact me?

The combining of people into one organization will allow each staff member to be placed in a position that accents their strengths.  Investing in “the people” who work for the company is our advantage.  World Elite will be solid operationally, stronger competitively, built sturdier to do the good work of elevating the families, kids, and communities who count on us.


Are both locations offering the same things?

Yes, with limited differences- both will offer recreational classes and competitive programs.

Will any locations close because of the deal?


Who should we contact if we have questions?

If you have questions you can contact either Wanda Whipkey (330) 714-7707 or AJ Ganim (614) 582-3342.

Will I have the same teammates?

Yes, however as with any new season teammates may vary dependent upon multiple factors including but not limited to age, and skill level.

Who will be coaching my child?

Coaches may be the same or they may be on a new team with a different coach.  As with any season, coaches vary dependent upon level of experience and schedule.  We have been interviewing IMPACT coaches from top programs in the country.

– All coaches are USASF certified, background checked, & receive ongoing training to ensure success for their teams

– Present coaches at each location are trusted and experienced. Our coaching staff is consistent.

– We are constantly evaluating & searching for highly qualified IMPACT coaches

– Coaches bios will be available on our website by May 1, 2017

– Meet all the owners @ our Open Forum Sunday, February 19

                     1pm in Brecksville location

                     6:30pm in Tallmadge location

Who is in charge?

We have implemented a STRONG and EXPERIENCED chain of command with endless SUPPORT!  If you have questions you can contact either Wanda Whipkey (330) 714-7707 or AJ Ganim (614) 582-3342.

Who will be the staff at each location?

WE will have both facility staff and shared staff. Our aim is to surround the kids with coaches that will keep them on a continuous improvement track.

Is anything changing on the website?

Yes. A skeleton website is available at WWW.WORLDELITECHEER.COM.   Effective May 9, 2017 a fully functional site will be complete.  American Elite and Cheer World websites will be deactivated effective May 9, 2017.

Placements, tryout process, competitions...

For any questions about placements, tryouts, and competitions, please see The WE Way. If there are additional questions contact Pat Fogarty (614) 330-6356 or Laura Dudley (330) 608-1826.

Why change of name and colors?

Because it represents us, it represents the WHY – Why we do the good work we do.

Since the overall company is changing, is the culture changing also?

With any new venture, there will always be change.  Ownership, along with trusted business consultants, industry veterans, competition companies, gym owners who have been through a merger, staff, and trusted friends have combed through positive and negative aspects on a decision of this magnitude.  This has been a yearlong project and we have found that we all want the same thing:

1.  A company & product that everyone can be proud of

2.  A company that is stable and can sustain for the next 100 years with accolades beyond belief; Not just awards on the floor but rewards that change and bind our hearts together for a lifetime.

What differences will we see?

Families will see development & innovation in the things you value most.  World Elite is clear on the intentional effort it takes to gain an edge in the competitive cheer arena.  The investment from families, both in time & finances, is understood.  We have set priorities on the things we know are most important to you.

What does the future look like for WE?

The future is bright!  Owners are committed to Northeast Ohio communities and families to create a cheerleading organization that is dominant and innovative in everything we pursue.

When is this merger complete?

While the official introduction to World Elite is February 18, 2017, we will complete our seasons as American Elite & Cheer World.  This season will end on May 8, 2017.  However, our staff will slowly begin integrating and you may see some new faces in each location, please welcome them with a big smile.  We can’t wait for you to meet everyone and feel the same excitement.  Once you have had a chance to let this settle and get all your questions answered, you can then understand the power, energy, and enthusiasm of the new brand.  We hope you will love it as much as WE do!

How soon will we compete as World Elite?

– AE & CW will finish the 2016-17 season as separate organizations.

– Registration for World Elite Tryouts will be open beginning March 1, 2017

– World Elite evaluations will begin the week of May 15, 2017

– The 2017-18 season for World Elite will begin May 30, 2017

Please refer to the WE Tryout page for additional information. 

Will I be paying more?

The payment schedule will be available on April 1, 2017.

Is the credit card system changing?

No. The transition for customers will be seamless. All transactions will remain with current company until May 9, 2017.  At which time, your receipts will be confirmed with WE Brands, Inc.

What happens with my credit card information if the system is changing?

Because AE and CW are utilizing the same class management system (Jackrabbit) your personal information is secure and safe within the software.  If you have any questions, please contact Tina Willis (330) 633-3160.


Just as strength will be obtained by joining these two companies, the merging of two strong Booster Clubs will also provide strength and opportunities for all our families   to raise funds for expenses; including but not limited to tuition, uniform fees, travel expenses.  The booster club information will be fully available by March 1, 2017.