Family Testimonials


“Not enough space to say enough about the “framily” we have gained by watching our daughters grow as athletes. Coaches, owners, parents alike. We’ve gone from the family who was super skeptical about whether or not cheer would be a good fit for us and our kids to the family that prefers to be at the gym every night socializing with our great group of friends we’ve met. Whether it is a group chat, a night out, or screaming at a competition for all of our fantastic teams, World Elite is by far the best thing that’s happened to our family to date. We love it!”

“Being Alum, after a 20 year all-star cheer career, I proudly get to watch my niece, Remi, have the passion I once had for the same sport. Cheerleading made me who I am today, gave me my leadership qualities, and helped show my strengths and dedication I have. I am beyond graceful for the amazing staff of WE that were once my coaches, and am happy they get to help my niece become the best she can be. ”

“This sense of family doesn’t stop at the doors, it continues through the families and athletes. The families we have met through the program have become our greatest friends, and I attribute that to the sense of commitment from the gym. I would encourage families looking for a program that supports the child not just as an athlete, then visit world elite.

“World Elite is more than a gym to us. It is our home away from home. The coaches and staff treat you like you are their family! My daughter knows that when she is at either gym location that she is safe and if she ever needed to talk to someone she could. The parents are beyond amazing. From car pulls to nights out in or outside the gym most will do anything for anyone without hesitation. We treat their kids like they are our own. ❤️❤️”

If you are looking for a place for your child to have fun and grow, I highly recommend World Elite Kids. Our daughter has cheered on the tiny competitive exhibition team for two years. Not only is she socializing with kids her age, but she is acquiring new skills weekly. Seeing her perform in front of hundreds of people without fear, but confidence, is one of my most favorite things. The staff is top notch and we are so happy to be apart of the World Elite Kids Family.

“From carpools to holiday parties to vacations, our WE friends have truly become an extended part of our family. When I had to miss a competition, the other moms jumped right in – at 6am – to make sure hair and makeup were show ready. I love knowing that my family has help when we need it, and that we can help others!”

“We have been with World Elite for 4 years, and involved with Allstar cheerleading for 20+ years. This gym has become our home away from home, and it’s members are like family. We cannot wait to grow with this gym ❤️”

Gia started here at 4 years old. We loved it so much her niece then joined. As soon as her younger sister was ready, she joined. Ever since we have had amazing experiences growing closer as a family and the bonding that my older daughter and I have gotten is irreplaceable. Not to mention the three girls. Gia loves it so much , she always says don’t you love the way it smells in here? Almost like home. She associates such a positive environment with all things this gym has taught her and our family. WE wouldn’t go any where else❤️

“World Elite has blessed not only my daughter, but myself with some of our very best friends, that are now like family to us. From throwing me an amazing surprise baby shower at the gym, to some of the cheer mom’s and coaches taking care of my daughter when she had to go out of state to her first cheer competition without me EVER, and ended up getting deathly sick. I had coaches texting and calling me giving me play by play details on how she was doing and they even went out of their way to go and get the only type of medicine she will take to help break her fever. They all went above and beyond for us that weekend and I will always appreciate it. We truly do love World Elite and all of the amazing people it’s put in our lives. ❤️💙💛