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WOW! The magic has begun!

WOW, what an amazing first year at World Elite!  This past weekend marked the end of the regular season in our INAUGURAL year at World Elite.  It has been filled with emotion, hard work, passion, success, ups, downs, TONS of hit routines, and above all a constant movement forward.  We have a hardworking and passionate staff, who are committed to our goals and the success of the kids in front of them.  We have families who were willing to take a somewhat blind leap and believe in World Elite.  We have leaders who were willing to make a bold step, break the mold, and build something homegrown.  The formula, at its core, is simple and we have ALL the variables.

A staff and leaders who work tirelessly to create something worth believing in + Families and athletes who believe in it = MAGIC.  

It has been pretty magical!

We started the season with 3 main competitive goals:

  • 50% of teams in the Top 2 placing Regional Teams (PA, OH, WV, KY, IN, MI)
  • 6 of our 12 eligible teams make it to Post-Season (US Finals, Summit, or Worlds)
  • 50% of teams advance in the Post-Season (WC to Semi’s/Finals or Semi’s to Finals)
We have a plan to raise these goals over the next 2 years to reach 100%.  Well, in the first season we have BLOWN these goals out of the water!!  See the results thus far this season:
  • 50% Top 2 in the Region: we did this at EVERY event accept WSF (33%) and at 4 events, 100% of our teams accomplished this!  We averaged 88% of our teams placing Top 2 in the Region across the whole season!
  • 6 of 12 teams to Post-Season:  We are bringing 9 teams to postseason and 4 on Paid Bids!
  • 50% of teams advancing in Post-Season: This is still to be seen but WE got this!!!

With so many goals being reached the believability of each other and the program is continuing to grow.  Above it all, we are creating a family.  A family of coaches, a family of athletes, and a family of parents.As we continue to collect trophies and banners through our years, we will always remember this 1st season at World Elite.  WOW, the magic has begun!

– Pat


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